Returning to Microsoft

I will be returning to Microsoft this summer as an intern. Last year I worked on the Yammer team in MOD (Microsoft Office Division), but I am not sure which team I will be on this time. I requested working on the same time, however the only guarantee I could get was that I would stay in Office Division.

I am going to take some time to recap some of what I did last summer over several posts. Back in the middle of May 2013, I hopped in a car and drove 2,300 miles from Austin, TX to Seattle. I stopped for two nights in Farmington, New Mexico and La Grange, Oregon, two quite little towns. Driving alone was somewhat boring, but allowed me time to think and relax. It was fascinating watching the Geography change from Central Texas Hills to West Texas/New Mexico hills, then through the Moab desert into pretty Salt Lake City. Just as you get outside of Salt Lake City, you near Idaho, and you start slowly climbing these small, rolling hills. That then changed to flatland, which I drove through until near La Grande, whereupon rocky mountains appeared again. You actually go back to flatland, then deserty East Washington, until you have to climb in elevation massively to finally descend into Seattle. It was extraordinary experiencing the sheer size of the country. Especially given that the particular area I was traversing is one of the least dense in the US.

This time around I’ll document the trip up with photos.