09th Apr 2013

AP Credits Are The Best Scholarship Around

In high school I was lucky enough to already know what I wanted to major in at university, and I was pretty sure about what university I would end up...

07th Apr 2013

Only Save For Retirement For 6 Years

If you are planning on retiring much earlier than the typical person, who retires at around 60-70 years old, one thing that you have to do is plan exactly how...

06th Apr 2013

Earnings Yield

Earnings Yield is an important concept to understand because it is absolutely vital to begin understanding stock pricing; it is the reason why a $2 stock may be more expensive...

06th Apr 2013
IBM Stock Certificate

What is a Common Stock?

Before we discuss what exactly a common stock is, we should first understand exactly how in history the joint stock company has been used, and what advantages this form of...