Introducing the Yammer Panel


The feature I worked on as an intern last summer was announced to the public! The release from Microsoft is here!! Essentially, I developed a wrapper around the Yammer Embed that prepared the page, gathered information about the document, and finally made the call to actually render the feed.

In and of itself, only 300 lines of JavaScript (including a lot of comments and whitespace), maybe 150 lines of CSS, and approximately 70 lines of backend C#.

In the first checkin I touched over 100 files, over half of which were related to internationalization and the build system.

It’s crazy to me that it took so long to build the feature (when I built a compiler with 2k lines of code in a few days, and there was a day I wrote 900 (later refactored to like 500) lines at Qualcomm)…..

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