Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
Software Development Engineer Intern, Summer 2013

  • Worked on integrating Yammer social conversation into Microsoft SharePoint
  • Developed a user-facing feature utilizing C# on the back-end, mainly with JavaScript on the front-end and CSS+HTML of course providing styling
  • Worked extensively on software engineering tasks ranging from development planning, unit and acceptance testing, telemetry, internationalization, code review, and building large projects through massive distributed version control

QUALCOMM, Inc., San Diego, CA
Software Tools Development Engineer Intern, Summer 2012

  • Developed solutions for the ongoing use of a C# .NET software application for use by manufacturers doing software download to phones using Visual Studio
  • Developed an object-oriented wrapper to manage program settings in a multi-threaded application, modifying and declutttering the User Interface to reflect this change
  • Added support for Windows 7 download to new cell phones and allowing for a better initial setup process, by writing a C++ library and interacting directly with the Windows API
  • Enhanced skills and knowledge of the cellular phone industry, the history of mobile communication, the software development process, and other things through various technical training programs offered by the company
  • Used Perforce for version control, experienced an iterative, test-driven development strategy with extensive code review
  • Loved this awesome internship and would recommend Qualcomm to any CS student! Damn It Feels Good to Be an Intern! Intern Housing

Aerion Systems LLC, Austin, TX
Chief Executive Officer, October 2011 to Current

  • Launched a software development and IT consulting company while enrolled at the University of Texas
  • Maintained company financial records through management of accounts receivable & payable, preparation of financial statements, and oversight of expenses through Quickbooks
  • Engineered a prototype for a mobile application with CakePHP to allow restricted access to mobile devices to an advanced voicemail application
  • Renovated multiple websites (EfficientAirTX and the Lottery Player’s Alliance) through migration to WordPress with custom HTML and CSS styling
  • Performed routine updates and scripted small PHP solutions for customer’s websites
  • Started this company as an umbrella for any great ideas, and to learn about accounting, other business operations. I have done several hundred hours of contract work through Aerion Systems

AffiniPay LLC, Austin, TX
Technology Project Management Intern, July 2010 – Jan. 2012

  • Planned, pitched, developed, and used a web application to handle client’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) information in a more secure and accessible manner — written in PHP with a MySQL backend
  • Assisted customers in completing paperwork to assert PCI DSS compliance with various SAQ forms
  • Created a relational database application to analyze revenue and pricing information in order to maximize margins for the company
  • Administered a Linux server running a LAMP stack fot office utilities, later converted to a virtual server
  • Provided informal technical support around the office, fixing issues with employee’s computers
  • Provided technical expertise to a team to find and implement better customer relationship management software packages
  • See “Skills and Projects” for more details
  • Worked at AffiniPay for ~1,000 hours. This was an excellent experience in a lower stress environment. I would highly recommend for everyone to try to get a job while in High School. It is rewarding to your resume, your brain, and your bank account.

The University of Texas at Austin, Aug. 2011 – May 2014

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Minor in Business (Business Foundations)
  • GPA: 3.2 (University Honors – Spring 2013)

Westlake High School, Austin, TX, Aug. 2007 – May 2011

  • Was the #56 high school in the country when I graduated (Newsweek 2010) in the top quintile.

Honors, Awards, & Test Scores

  • Spring 2013, University Honors, earned a 3.88 in 16 hours of tough CS classes.
  • 2011, Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America
  • 2010, National AP Scholar (one of 400 students annually)
  • 2009, ACT Composite: 35, Mathematics: 36, Science: 35, Reading: 35, Writing: 34

Skills & Projects

  • Computer Languages, primarily Java, C#, C++, as well as  PHP & Python. Have work experience with client/web languages JavaScript and HTML/CSS as well.
  • Pluto, July 2010 – Dec. 2013
    • AffiniPay sells and manages merchant accounts for credit card processing. When the major card issuers decided to increase security regulations for merchants, AffiniPay created a department (PCI Central), designed to assist their client base in becoming compliant with security regulations.
    • The actual process for handling the compliance paperwork was completely manual; printing hundreds of faxes a day, sorting, verifying, and copying information into Excel.
    • Pluto is the codename for a web-based program that I planned, managed, and developed for AffiniPay to streamline and automate their business process.
    • I conducted training sessions to teach all the employees how to use the software package.
    • This system decreased the amount of time to record and resolve information by 50%. It also easily allowed the company to deal with renewing PCI Compliance paperwork, which expires every year.


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