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Successful Conversion!

Alright, so I was successfully able to convert this site to WordPress. In the upcoming weeks I will be transitioning the old content here, and adding new content. So, let me lay out a little of what this site is going to be about. First, there is going to be all sorts of nice pages detailing some of the Computer Science projects that I have worked on.

Secondly I will be discussing investing and finance, as a sort of way to organize and collect my thoughts and gained knowledge. As an investor, I will tend to try to take a long-term fundamentals-driven value investing approach. Therefore, we will be discussing businesses on this site – rather than just which stocks are “hot”. This kind of content will likely be similar to JoshuaKennon.com – an investing blog that I really enjoy. Of course, in order to get the capital to start investing, I’ll post updates on the process of earning and responsibly allocating capital. Hopefully these posts will help me develop my frugality muscle (this is another great blog that I’ll also try to emulate). We will discuss what is going in global economics, politics, and government. Heck, I may even critique an news article..

Thirdly, and this closely ties in with the other topics, I’ll discuss some of my philosophical views, explore historical questions & muse over future problems and the fate of the world. Likely, these posts will deal with the latest technologies, as they are the ones that have historically tended to stress our moral and social structures. And I am a software developer, so there will be some posts about the software lifecycle, programming, and the life of a coder.

I hope you stick around as I keep writing posts over the course of the semester.